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Your Data is Everywhere...! 

We Communicate In Many Ways.. 
The growth in technology in our "Everyday" lives has meant that we now communicate in many more ways than we used to :-  
Computer - Laptop, Desktop or Tablet. 
Phone - Home, Office or Mobile. 
Face to Face, Email or Letter. 
We Share Our Data Without Understanding The Consequences... 
We use Apps to tell people what we are doing and where we are doing it, we are pushed to do this in more and more fun ways and we may miss the huge consequences in telling people we may hardly know our inner most secrets or sharing our data with them.  
As a result we are vulnerable & may become a victim of Cyber Criminals, we must not ignore the fact that :- 
People are Listening. 
Looking for our Vulnerabilities. 
To Steal our Information, Money or Reputation. 
We Must Understand... 
We cannot ignore that our data is key to our lives, we are responsible for it's care and protection for it's whole life, from it's Birth to its destruction and since the introduction of GDPR our responsibilities and the consequences for failure of compliance have increased and could be very detrimental to ourselves and our businesses. We must understand our responsibilities and to do this we need to know :- 
How Our Business Works! 
How Our Data Flows! 
How We Must Protect Ourselves. 
Most Importantly How GDPR Will Affect Us! 

Are You Wrapped Up In A Muddle With Confusion...? 


Let JCBcs guide you through your muddle and Confusion...! 

Our Motto 
"Plan for everything, hope it never happens however if it does we have a plan!!" 
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