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Cyber Crime - An Evolving Business 

No matter the time of year, the event or the disaster Cyber Criminals specialise in being relevant, their scams will target the affected, the vulnerable and unwitting victim, without conscience or scruples for a definitive pay day. 
The threat from Ransomware is real & increasingly moving to a “Exfiltrate and Extort” model which simply means "Pay the ransom or we will put your data on the internet" making your Cyber Security & GDPR Compliance more important than ever. 
Cyber Criminals don’t care if it’s Halloween, Christmas, a pandemic, a hurricane, an earthquake or any other disaster they will happily steal from you anytime. 

Why You Should Worry About Cyber Crime 

First, we must understand the following points: - 
Cyber Crime is a business, and it wants to make profit. 
It is not personal you are just an unwilling customer. 
The money made from Cyber Crime can support organised crime. 
Cyber Criminals will use 2 things to steal from you, Fear or Greed. The scams created by Cyber Criminals are designed to steal from you and come in many forms including:- 
Social Media 
Fraudulent Websites 
Instant Messaging 
Important Note 
Their scams are designed to scare or entice you into action. 
Cyber Criminal will either steal your money or your personal details to steal more from you.  
Cyber Crime is not personal, you are simply an opportunity to grow their business making you the unwitting customer and they will steal from you without another thought or remorse. 

Do you know how Big Your Cyber Footprint is ? 

Every system that holds your data will not only increase your "Cyber Footprint" it will increase your vulnerability from attack by Cyber Criminals.  
In very simple terms the more systems that you have your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) stored on the bigger your Cyber Footprint and the more vulnerable you will be from attack by Cyber Criminals. 
(Your Cyber Footprint is your personal data stored digitally on others Computer/Electronic Systems) 
Some simple changes like these can make a difference :- 
Only create accounts you need 
Use strong passwords 
Install appropriate Security Software 

To Reduce Your Vulnerability 

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