Cyber Security is not just for Big Business... 

It's Not If, It's When Cyber Crime Will Affect You.. 

Cyber Crime is a business and it's growing rapidly, ignoring the danger is no longer an option, by introducing some simple steps into your daily routine your threats are considerably reduced, coupled with a little awareness training… 
It costs very little for a Cyber Criminal to cost you quite a lot..! 
Prevent Cyber Crime Black Friday - Stay safe
Cyber Crime is continuing to grow… 
We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg, Cyber Crime will continue to grow until we all accept responsibility and put appropriate steps in place to protect ourselves and businesses. 
Cyber Crime has rewritten the rule book reacting to a cyber-attack is not an option as in most cases the damage will have already been done, proactive protection must be in place, failure to do this will result in untold damage to your business and your ability to recover is not necessarily guaranteed. 
The simple message for all business owners is this, become a player not a spectator... 
You cannot be Complacent... 
Why would you leave that business vulnerable to attack with excuses such as these:- 
It’s too expensive 
• It will never happen to me 
• I have nothing to worry about 
• I don’t have anything worth stealing 
• My IT company takes care of it for me 
Is your Business as exposed as this house...? 
Cyber Security - Sanity Test

Cyber Crime - Is a reality. 

A recent study found that though more than three-quarters of small businesses believe their companies are safe from Cyber Criminals, 20% of all cyber-attacks hit small businesses with 250 or fewer employees, while major corporations like Facebook and many big banks seem to easily bounce back from their attacks, according to the same study, nearly 60% of small businesses will cease to trade within half a year. 
Cyber Criminals prey on the knowledge that a small business has lower defences than a larger organisation. Burying your head in the sand may save you money in the short term, but the cost of hacking could range from :-  
Minor inconvenience. 
Reputation damage. 
Loss of customer data. 
Ultimately the closure of your company. 
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