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A range of services to ensure you stay in control...  
JCBcs are different, we have over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry and we promise: 
“Honest impartial advice, allowing your business to grow safely with the technology/systems that you use, whilst ensuring your GDPR compliance with the utmost protection for your data from Cyber Crime.” 
GDPR/Cyber Consultancy - Are you Compliant? 
Our tailored GDPR/Cyber Consultancy will identify your areas of concern to determine exactly what your compliance journey should involve and then Implement the Appropriate Technical & Organisational Measures, Policies & Procedures to ensure compliance. 

GDPR/Cyber Compliance Training - Why You Need It? 

Our customised GDPR/Cyber Compliance Training is the training you need, created for you to meet your business needs on the road to GDPR/Cyber and Data Compliance our GDPR/Cyber Compliance Training is what you need. 

GDPR Compliance review - Not Sure What it means? 

Sometimes you may need a little help to ensure that the IT you currently have is compliant whilst fulfilling your business needs and offers the best Cyber Security protection. 
JCBcs is a wholly independent company, we will review your current IT Contract and Infrastructure and make sure it's meets your GDPR Compliance/Business Requirements. As part of the process we will create a confidential personalised report which will detail any appropriate changes or improvements that may benefit your business. 

Protection from Cyber Attacks (Individual or Group) 

Of course you may just need reassurance that your staff are Cyber aware. We can deliver awareness training tailored specifically to you and your business. 

Cyber Sanity Check – Are your Defences Built? 

With a Cyber sanity check we use our experience and expertise to review all aspects of your interaction with online services including the web, email and any shared resources with clients or employees who work remotely. We can identify any weaknesses and advise on remedial action. 

Moving to the Cloud – No idea how to do it? 

Moving your business applications into the cloud is a cost effective method of streamlining your business, however a carefully structured approach to design, implementation and security is essential. 

Business Continuity - Oops what happened? 

In the current world of increased Cyber Crime it is imperative that any business no matter the size should have a Business Continuity plan. 
The more comprehensive your Business Continuity plan the greater the expense to implement and manage, however the time to return to service will be less, a suitable plan should cover your specific requirements to fit within budget.  
For every client we discuss your requirements, design your specific plan, implement, document and manage your solution. 

IT Migration – Do you need to move? 

When moving to new premises or even just upgrading your technology, careful planning is essential. The impact on normal business processes and on staff - must be assessed and we have extensive experience in developing plans to minimise disruption and risk. 
Remember...Cyber Crime is a Business.. 
It takes very little effort for Cyber Criminals to cost you quite a lot, can you afford to pay them? 
NO, Then you need our GDPR/Cyber Compliance Training - Click Here 
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