A very interesting question, if it wasn’t a legal requirement would we actually buy car insurance? 
Now this is very thought provoking, there would be many who would and many who wouldn’t, there would also be the emotive and emotional approaches.. 
Why do I need it, I drive fine! 
It’s other people not me! 
I haven’t had an accident and if I did it wouldn’t be my fault anyway! 
It’s a waste of money and too expensive! 
Of course I would I can always have an accident! 
In the real world these arguments are taken away from us, as we all have a legal requirement to insure our cars, to protect others and ourselves when we drive legally on our roads 
In reality very few people will actually have an accident comparatively speaking when we consider the number of car drivers on our roads, however one thing is true for each and everyone of them... 
“They are very glad they or the person they hit or hits them are insured when they do have an accident” 
We now live in a very available world, where social media has replaced old media and Cyber Crime has replaced old Crime and our world revolves around data... 
This data can reside in many forms in many locations and we are all responsible for protecting this data from being stolen or borrowed. 
There is no specific law, however data protection should be a considered priority and is something that must be taken seriously as the consequences of a data breach especially with the impending introduction of GDPR on the 25th of May will and should be made part of each and every businesses processes. 
So why does protection really take a back seat? 
It is clear that for many businesses the time, effort and especially money to protect themselves from Cyber Crime and ensure GDPR compliance will cost more money than a value can be perceived, like with car insurance no one wants to spend the money for the policy and annually we complain how expensive it is, however the consequences of not doing so will be larger and in some cases catastrophic.  
The loss of reputation, customers, fines, revenue and confidence could cause the entity to cease trading, which is not as uncommon as you believe. 
If you would like to start to drive on the road to a safer more compliant destination, we can help and our Compliance Training have been been designed with you and your business in mind. 
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