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A Burglary Is Upsetting 
It is very true that the emotional strain and distress of a burglary can be very upsetting, however that may not be your only nightmare, as the loss of your possessions might not be the only thing you have to worry about. 
As more and more of us work from home whether as a freelancer, full time home worker or the occasional day here and there, the one thing we all have in common is our computer. 
With the introduction of GDPR we are all bound to implement “Appropriate Technical & Organisational Measures”, these measures are designed to ensure that the integrity of the data we hold no matter the format is secure, protected and maintained where ever we or our data is located. 
Consider for a moment… 
You work from home on an occasional basis. 
You have a Laptop that contains sensitive business data. 
Your Laptop is password protected. 
You suffer a burglary…! 
Now your burglary is a very traumatic experience and depending on gravity of the event could involve as a minimum dealing with insurance companies and the police. 
Your Burglary May Not Be Your Only Disaster...! 
From the above scenario we have established that your laptop contained data and was password protected, however as it was stolen in the burglary you now have much bigger problems. 
Your laptop was password protected however not encrypted. 
Your Data wasn’t backed up. 
As your laptop wasn’t encrypted and it contained sensitive data, with very little effort the thief will be able to gain access to the data contained on the laptop. Furthermore as you haven’t backed up your data you have now lost the data which is likely to be very difficult to recover or recreate. 
What does this mean? 
In the simplest terms you have suffered a Data Breach, a Data Breach that will need to be reported to your regulatory body and could possibly impact your employment status due to Non Compliance with GDPR. 
As previously mentioned GDPR requires the implementation of “Appropriate Technical and Organisational Measures” which includes among many others concepts Encryption. 
Important Note 
If your laptop had been Encrypted there would have been no Data Breach to report, as gaining access to Encrypted Data is not easily achieved. 
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