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Day after day we hear of people being targeted through social media with some new ingenious scam, their identity stolen, money lost… 
For a while we are all disgusted, say that changes should be made, the company needs to take responsibility, the police need to take action and it’s got to stop... 
And then… 
We go back to Facebook, like and share 
We go back to twitter and tweet something 
We go back to Instagram to post a picture of random stuff 
Etc. etc. etc. 
We supply the gift-wrap 
With everything single post we make, on any form of social media, we reduce our privacy and neatly package our personal and private details that Cyber Criminals can use to make us their next victim. 
Now you may say that that is utter nonsense, however are you sure? 
The threat from social media is very easy to prove, please go to Google and enter the following search term:- 
Social Media Scams 
Hopefully this will now have got your attention, if you read a couple of the results and I am sure that the sceptics among you may be a little more convinced, that there is a danger from using Social Media that you need to take seriously, especially when considering you activity and the social ability of Social Media. 
We must Be Aware 
Rest assured we are not saying that your use of social media should cease immediately, we are however trying to make the important point to you that now is the time to Be Aware:- 
Be aware, what you post. 
Be aware, who is included in your post. 
Be aware, checking in lets criminals know where you aren’t. 
Be aware, social media makes everyone seem familiar, they aren’t. 
Be aware, connections aren’t friends, you don’t know who else will see your posts via them. 
Be aware, personal data you tell people can be borrowed by Cyber Criminals. 
Don’t be ridiculous, I wouldn’t do that…or would you? 
To demonstrate the point a little further, please consider this scenario and hopefully at the end of reading it, our point will be made completely… 
Go out 
Find a large crowd of people 
Tell them that you will be going on holiday 
Your home will be completely empty from this date 
You will be checking into the airport at this time 
Hand them photographs of the places you socialise and your home 
To spice it up a bit add photographs of your friends and family 
For Completeness tell them your birthday 
I am hoping you are now beginning to understand that what you post on Social Media is the first part of the puzzle, the puzzle to your life, your wealth and your identity. 
The more you post, the more you help to understand you, consider this it’s like owning a bank leaving the vault open and telling everyone to come and rob you. 
The Moral to Our Story 
Don’t make it easy for Cyber Criminals to turn your personal and private information against you, your family or friends. 
Be Aware so you Post Aware. 
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