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GDPR(We’re Listening) 
We know that for many taking any time out of their business can be very difficult to achieve, there can be a need to work in our business rather than on it otherwise things could go wrong, sadly this can be a very dangerous approach and long-term could cause non-compliance which could be very costly. 
We know... 
Making money for your business is an obvious objective, however without a solid compliance focus the money you generate could simply :- 
Pay the fines you will incur for non-compliance. 
Make Cyber Criminals very happy from the money they will steal from you. 
Our comprehensive compliance training will allow anyone who attends to fully understand:- 
What their Business needs. 
What Compliance is. 
What steps are required. 
Where to start their journey. 
Whilst we would recommend for everyone to attend our GDPR Cyber Compliance Training,we are fully aware that people have specific questions, questions that they don’t know where to get the answers, which unfortunately can:- 
Become very frustrating. 
Continue a journey of non-compliance. 
Our Service - GDPR (We’re listening) 
This is why we have created our brand new service, GDPR(We’re Listening), this new service offers anyone the opportunity to ask the questions that they need the answers to for their compliance journey. 
Our Service is:- 
Very flexible for any business. 
As much time as you need – minimum 2 hours. 
Wherever you need us – At your office, in your home or on the phone. 
We will research your business to understand what areas could be of concern before we speak to you. 
It’s your time, you decide how you use it. 
Allows you to work on your business while still in it. 
To learn more - Click Here 
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