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It may not have escaped your notice that data protection is changing, and this change is the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 
GDPR is a complete overhaul of how data must be protected, we are all accountable for the management of the data within our businesses, no matter the size of the enterprise. 
The most important thing about GDPR. 
I am sure that by now you will have seen, been invited to or even attended an event or events about GDPR, at these events you will have probably been told the following:- 
You have 72 hours to Notify of a data breach. 
Fines are massive. 
You could go out of business. 
You must act Now. 
These are headlines, they are designed to be scary headlines. 
Just like the news or an action adventure film, they are designed to get your attention, which of course they will. 
All of the above statements are indeed true, they have however been selected to ensure that the audience (you) are scared, scared enough to act especially after the following statement:- 
“Don’t worry, we can help, buy our services and we will make you GDPR compliant”. 
This is nonsense, in order for you to protect yourself and become compliant, you must follow a recipe, a comprehensive tailored GDPR recipe. 
GDPR Explained (Simply) 
Data is any personal private information which relates to an identifiable living individual. 
You need to protect both your Electronic and non-Electronic data. 
Protecting your IT infrastructure will not make you compliant, it is however a very important part of making you compliant, you must ensure solutions for rigid protection. 
You must be able to Identify, Control, Protect and Report on all the data you maintain. 
Data must be held, processed and retained for legitimate purposes. 
Policies and procedures must me created, utilised and maintained for all your processes relating to the data that exists within your enterprise. 
The data you have will be Informational, Transactional and Maintained. 
The above is a simplified explanation, becoming GDPR complaint will involve considerable effort, it does however indicate that there are no shortcuts. 
The GDPR recipe is Just like making a cake or a fine beef wellington, if you miss an ingredient the cake won’t rise or the beef wellington will be burnt or raw. 
This is Important 
GDPR will be enforced on the 25th of May 2018. 
You are responsible for your data. 
If you Fail to be compliant you may suffer a fine, reputational loss or even cease to trade. 
Becoming GDPR complaint isn’t difficult, it is however a little time consuming to do it right. 
All you need to do is Create, Test, Manage and Maintain your recipe, you may just need help ensuring you use the right ingredients. 
"We can help do your shopping..." 
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