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Mr Strawbale... 
As a successful business owner for many years, Mr Strawbale knew his industry very well, he was well respected and was known to most, he continued to grow his sales year on year making him a very rich man. 
Unfortunately, his years of success had jaded him, he loved making money however was adverse to spending money especially on the things he didn’t understand like IT. 
Sadly he was not alone and as new technologies come along he had been given poor advice by people who didn’t necessarily have his best interests at heart nor did they really understand the right way to do things, however for Mr Strawbale they were cheap and he loved cheap. 
Mr Strawbale was the perfect victim for Cyber Wolf, who didn’t really need to blow hard as Mr Strawbale didn’t really do anything to protect the IT Infrastructure in his business. 
It was a dark Monday morning when the worst happened, Mr Strawbale went to open the office where he discovered that all of his PC’s had been infected by ransomware and all his data lost. 
He was beside himself and was heard mumbling why has this happened to me, what have I done to deserve this… 
Well as we know, it wasn’t what he had done it was what he hadn’t done, he did report it to the police which was required and they advised him not to pay any ransom and to recover his data from backups. 
The sadness just continues for Mr Strawbale, as he had never seen the value of business continuity, so had no data backups and therefore had nothing to restore. 
CyberBabybot looked a little upset … 
His father saw this and told his son that his story doesn’t end, 
As Mr Strawbale had never paid for any security software, never upgraded his computers and never applied any software updates, in simple terms the only thing he hadn’t done, was send a personal invitation to invite Cyber Wolf to attack him, Mr Strawbale was now in quite a pickle. 
CyberBabybot asked what happened to Mr Strawbale, how did he recover his business… 
His father continued It would be fair to say that the next few years were very difficult, the loss of customer and financial data and the fines levied against the business made trading and making money very difficult, so difficult Mr Strawbale very nearly ceased to trade. 
The incident did however provide a wakeup call and he sought help from his business friends, like Mr BricksnMortar and qualified IT consultants, to ensure the right processes and procedures were adopted in his business, something he now knew should have been in place from the beginning. 
It would in fact be fair to say that Mr Strawbale was a changed man and was now more proactive in protecting his business. 
Part 3 
Cyber Wolf and Mrs Sticksworth Coming Soon… 
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