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It cannot have escaped your notice that the WannaCry ransomware attacks are currently causing global chaos, obviously we all need to ensure that we are protected now and for our future. 
The Issue 
Over the next few weeks you will be approached by many people, these people will be using these attacks to get you to spend your money with them, the issue however is whether you will actually need the software, hardware or service that they are selling. 
As consumers our primary objective with technology is to get it to help us with stuff, we don't necessarily:- 
Know what the stuff does. 
•How the stuff does it. 
•Why the stuff does it. 
•We just know the stuff does it. 
Human nature determines that we will want to protect ourselves, however it is imperative that going forward we understand why, so refect and pause before you act out of fear. 
Our Advice 
We would like to ensure that you avoid spending your money badly, we would rather that any money you spend in the near future is required and the expense can be justified as so. 
Our Process 
We would recommend the following process :- 
Understand why you use your IT and what it does for you. 
•Identify what software/programs you have and what they do for you. 
•Locate your data and where it's stored. 
The Reason 
It's really quite simple, by having an understanding of why you use your IT and what tasks it performs for you, you will be able to ask directed questions to anyone who offers their help. 
We are not saying that overnight you will become and IT expert, however by using your knowledge you will be able to ask the following questions of the people who contact you :- 
Why do I need your product/service. 
•What additional features will it give me. 
Moving Forward 
We have all seen the devastating effects that the recent events in Cyber Crime have caused and will continue to cause, as individuals and businesses we want to protect ourselves for today and tomorrow. 
Our message is simple :- 
Become Aware. 
•Attend Cyber Awareness Training. 
•Question the advice. 
•Ask for Examples. 
•Seek Impartial Advice 
•Protect Yourselves. 
Our Moral - Quite simply it costs Cyber Criminals very little to cost you quite a lot...! 
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