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In our business, if we want something we will tend to find the budget to introduce it, however we may understand that although there is a need for something even though we know it's important, we find excuses not to implement it. 
Let me explain 
It cannot have escaped your notice that in recent years incidents from Cyber Crime have increased dramatically and this is greatly affecting the business world we live in: - 
Ransomware attacks 
Email Scams 
Data hijacking 
Identity theft 
etc etc 
The slight issue is that although we may know there is a need for us to protect ourselves from Cyber Crime and ensure we have put appropriate steps in place to minimise the impact should we suffer an attack; we tend to want to make changes to our business that we will give priority to. 
The want kicks in 
We want more customers 
We want bigger market share 
We want to be unique and grow 
We want to make more money 
We want, We want, We want 
Now of course we aren’t saying that as a business we don’t want you to be successful and make money, as that would quite simply be ridiculous after all isn't that why you went into business in the first place. We are however saying that the want will make you miss the important need. 
The Cyber Criminal loves you ignoring the need 
Let’s pretend for a moment that we are all Cyber Criminals and we see a successful business wanting more, wanting more and making more and more of a success of their business. 
As Cyber Criminals we couldn’t be happier because we know they haven’t had time to fulfil the need, the need to ensure that they have protected themselves from us, making it easier for us to steal from them. 
Why, quite simply as they have been so busy wanting, wanting, wanting and making more of their business that they have left themselves vulnerable to attack and now they have even more for us to steal. 
Time to Balance 
As the picture above suggests it’s time that we understand that it’s a balancing act. 
A Balance must exist to allow the want to grow us a more successful business, while allowing the need to be fulfilled that as our business grows we still protect it. 
If you don’t, all you are doing is creating a bigger and juicier target to be plundered, once you have been attacked and rest assured you will be, you will be left with the feeling of loss and bewilderment: - 
“We wanted to grow, If only we had fulfilled the need, we could have been protected from that Cyber Attack” 
The Cold Hard Truth 
This week we have been called to assist yet another business who missed the need and has been hit with ransomware, sadly as they had no worthwhile protection the recovery of their systems is nearly back to basics. 
The awful fact is they knew they needed us, however they never had the time to fulfil that need as they were all always wanting to make their business more and more successful. 
Unfortunately, the picture below demonstrates their current mood; I am sure you will agree it’s not a good one and something you might like to avoid. 
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