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In our opinion...  
If we do not start to make serious changes to our attitude in understanding that we need to start protecting our businesses, these signs will start to appear in local stores, supermarkets, petrol/gas stations, cinemas pretty much anywhere to allow us to pay the ransoms for our compromised computer systems. 
Today the 29th of June 2017 - 1 bitcoin is worth £1970.17 (prices vary)  
(You should never pay, however could you afford to pay that) 
The problem 
Despite all the news reports about new ransomware attacks including the one this week, we fall into two categories: - 
Those that have been hit this time. 
Those that haven’t and think we never will. 
The lethargy surrounding the need to implement real protection is clearly categorised by this statement. 
We WANT to make more money we don’t think we NEED to spend anymore to protect ourselves 
Now it is clear from recent events that, that philosophy isn’t working and is in fact having the opposite effect, as we are placing less emphasis on our specific solution as the problem occurs so often. 
Over time as we are driven by reducing our costs and as we have said don't see the NEED for protection as a WANT, soon our business will be as stable as the house below:- 
To move forward, may we explain! 
It can be very confusing for anyone to understand where and how to obtain the best advice to allow you to protect your business, this is after you have actually understood that there is actually need to do so. 
We need to be very clear, it’s your business, shouldn’t you want to protect it, to ensure that all your efforts have not been for nothing, a security breach will not only be a financial cost, other impacts may be as follows :- 
You could lose reputation. 
You will become a statistic. 
You could lose your livelihood and cease to trade. 
The above will be in addition to the cost in time, money and effort to recover your business to normal business operation, that is if that is actually possible with your business continuity planning. 
So what can you do? 
It is really quite simple, you need to protect your businesses IT infrastructure, which in simple terms is the following:- 
Your Broadband/Network and Comms (The stuff that connects you to the internet) 
Your IT Hardware (Your PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, Servers etc.) 
Your Business Software (CRM, Accounting, Email etc) 
The need to protect your IT Infrastructure is not however new, the reason that it seems to appear as a new concept is that the person offering to help you has placed the word Cyber in front of everything:- 
Cyber Specialist 
Cyber Security Expert 
Cyber Security Analyst 
Cyber Security Consultant 
Etc etc 
If you remove the word Cyber, these roles have existed for many years within the IT Industry, they just wouldn’t really make sense, however by adding the additional word Cyber they become more relevant and in simple terms may make you want to work with them. 
What we do (In Simple terms) 
We look at what IT you have in your business. (Computers and Stuff) 
We look at how your business operates. (What stuff you use to make money) 
We work with your business (Make the stuff easy to use) 
We implement a security strategy. (We protect stuff) 
We create a business continuity plan. (What to do if stuff happens) 
We write a comprehensive report. (We write down what we did) 
We provide comprehensive training. (We tell you how it works, how to use it and maintain it yourself to reduce costs) 
Let us help you be safer, take your first step... 
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