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Even though change in many cases may be a good thing, our effectiveness as humans to welcome it’s arrival can fall into a number of camps :- 
We don’t like it! 
We get angry! 
We adopt with enthusiasm! 
We ignore it! 
From time to time however certain changes may be long overdue and their arrival should be welcomed with open arms, even though GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is clearly one of these instances its arrival is being seen by many, if not by most as a nuisance, a nuisance that will stop businesses from interacting and making money, the irony is that the absolute opposite is true. 
For many years now without many actually realising Data has become a currency and those that harness its full potential have become very powerful, they have done this by using the data they hold to their best and most profitable end with little or no thought for the people the data they hold relates to. 
The 25th of May 2018 heralds the arrival of GDPR and despite what many think it’s adoption by us will offer a competitive advantage. 
The answer is very simple as our current and prospective customers will soon realise that by dealing with GDPR Compliant Businesses, not only do they value their data, they also by definition value them as customers and individuals. 
A round of applause for GDPR! 
So why are we saying that GDPR is a good thing? 
Whether you are a large corporate, an SME or a one person band, the personal data that you hold in any form, that relates to a Living individual in the very simplest of terms must now to be treated with respect and integrity and cannot be processed unless it is lawful to do so. Furthermore no contact can be made to the individuals for marketing purposes or related to their customer status without clearly identifiable reportable reasons. 
As the holder of the data we must also manage it’s storage securely and sharing only where appropriate, lawful, allowed and permitted to do so. 
Our customers can now expect that the business they chose must like this window… 

Be Clear, Concise and Transparent 

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