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In isolation the answer is very simple... 
A list of items that when put together in the right way will produce the desired result. 
In reality however it is very apparent that this will not be the case, let’s consider for one moment the making of a pie? 
Shall the pie be sweet or savoury? 
Will it contain meat? 
Which meat will it contain? 
Should it be vegan? 
Should it be vegetarian? 
Will it be puff, shortcrust or filo pastry? 
Will it be small or large? 
Can it be served cold or hot? 
Will it be served with gravy, cream or custard? 
Hopefully by now you will see our point, anyone can read a recipe however the results will be determined by the following:- 
The skill of the cook 
The understanding of what is required 
The type of preparation required 
The efficiency of the process to produce the results 
Finally how does it taste 
With the 25th of May thingy (GDPR)rapidly approaching your preparation should be 
All encompassing 
This is why we have designed our “Your GDPR Clinic” to fully understand your recipe, we will not just read out the ingredients that our required for GDPR compliance, we have 
Tested it in all ovens 
Understand that your ingredients will be different to others 
Ensure that the preparation for your recipe is key 
Will teach you to ensure you understand your recipe and modify accordingly 
The Simple Answer 
We can deliver a thoughtful and specific recipe for your 25th of May thingy compliance process that will make sense with minimal scare tactics then put us to the test... 
"We will not leave you with a sour taste in your mouth..!" 
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