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The last few days have truly indicated how crucial a successful tested Disaster Recovery plan is to any business, no matter what the size of the organisation. 
Recently British Airways have demonstrated that they have been found wanting in their IT business Continuity planning, and sadly if rumours of cost saving are true, that could be the cause. 
It is clear that in order “To Fly, To Serve” utilising the cloud would have allowed British Airways to soar.  
There is a common misconception that creating a Disaster Recovery plan is difficult, time consuming and expensive, this a misconception which can be proven to be very costly, I would like to introduce the  
Microsoft Cloud... 
Microsoft have invested heavily in their cloud platform and Microsoft Azure allows any business to design a Business Continuity Plan that will fit within their budget.  
A key part of Microsoft Azure is that up until you actually need it (if you ever do) the costs are minimal until you invoke the solution, even then they are exceptional value for money for your business. 
However the best feature of Microsoft Azure is the time to recover your systems, conservatively British Airways could have returned to service in a couple of hours, massively reducing the disruption to it's customers. 
Microsoft Azure has solutions for all businesses and the benefits to your organisation whether it's a genuine IT failure or Cyber Attack speak for themselves. 
Sadly at this stage we can only imagine what the financial and reputational cost to British Airways will be, we are certainly hoping that this incident will encourage British Airways and other companies to understand that a disaster could be a reality and not just a possibility. 
Remember for your Business “To Fly, To Serve” you need the cloud! 
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