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Cyril the Cyber Criminal loves the Festive Season... 
With Christmas just around the corner many of us will find ourselves "Time Poor and Task Rich" and not sure that we will be able to complete everything that we need to :- 
Wrap up our work before our Christmas break. 
Buy the right gifts for friends and family. 
Ensure we have all the food to feed everyone over the holiday period. 
Attend all the social events that we have been invited to. 
Fit in some time to sleep and eat. 
Unfortunately this is a gift to "Cyril the Cyber Criminal" which as the recent ITV Tonight show "Christmas Buyers Beware" demonstrated, the festive period is a perfect time for us to be scammed as :- 
We are too busy. 
We place so much stress on ourselves.  
Don't have enough time to do the things we would like to. 
We may simply be unfamiliar or unaware of how easy it is to be scammed. 
In the last 3 years the increase in Cyber Crime around the festive season has been 24% year on year (ITV Tonight).  
Cheap could actually be costly. 
If an item is too cheap we must remember:- 
It may just be too good to be true. 
You may lose your money. 
You may never actually receive the item. 
The item could be counterfeit. 
When you receive the item it may be dangerous and cause considerable harm. 
Cyril the Cyber Criminal has been utilising our lack of time to catch us unaware to steal money from us or supply counterfeit goods. Goods which may not only be of poor quality, they could actually be dangerous to our health or the health of our loved ones and worst of all supporting organised criminal activities. 
As a company we have taken suitable steps to help and educate about the threats of Cyber Crime including :- 
How to Spot the scams. 
How to avoid the scams. 
How to Protect ourselves from the scams. 
How to safely use the internet and social media. 
We have designed our Compliance Training and Cyber Internet Safety Training to take our audience on a journey of learning in a very entertaining and enjoyable way. 
To learn more - Contact Us 
JCBcs wish you.... 
A Happy Christmas and a Safe & Prosperous New Year..! 
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