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So Why do we predict a Riot or at least hope there is one? 
The answer to this is really very simple, because if there isn’t one, we are quite simply in big trouble…. 
We normally only know a few things for certain and the rest we deal with as we encounter them along this thing called “Our Lives”, currently however we are in a very privileged position…Why? 
We know that GDPR will be enforced from the 25th of May 2018… 
Or do we? We really hope so… 
With such a small amount of time to go until GDPR takes effect, there still seems to be a lot of apathy and many people seem to think one of the following:- 
GDPR what’s that? 
I am not worried it won’t make any difference to me. 
That is only for Big companies! 
It’s just a waste of time like Y2K (The millennium bug) 
It’s just replacing the Data Protection act and that never affected me anyway. 
We need to be very clear, GDPR will affect All of you, without exception.. 
As someone who worked on many projects for Y2K to ensure that the millennium bug caused no issues, something which to many was described as a waste of time as nothing happened… 
Why Did Nothing Happen? 
Because we put the work in to stop it becoming an issue.. 
Our concern with GDPR is that we may think that GDPR will be a something and nothing, which is why there is so much lethargy and so little effort in taking any steps towards GDPR compliance. 
GDPR will Affect everyone.. 
Your business will need to ensure GDPR compliance.. 
There is no place to hide, nor should there it brings back best practice.. 
In Closing… 
Why are we hoping that there will be a riot? 
The riot that we Hope will happen is that finally there will be a surge of activity and an understanding that GDPR is… 
Going nowhere.. 
Will affect us and our businesses.. 
Something that we must take seriously.. 
A journey that we wish to take within our business and achieve GDPR compliance. 
GDPR Compliance... 
It’s like the Yellow Brick Road..! 
Start at the beginning. 
Know what you need to do. 
Meet people along the way that will help. 
Take a little nap to recharge the batteries. 
At the Emerald City, check you really know the way. 
Take the final steps to get you back to Kansas. 
Remember like the Wizard of Oz...We will help you with GDPR Compliance 
Because... Because... Because... 
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