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How many times have you heard..."I only clicked on a link...?" 

Sadly when you hear that phrase it's probably going to be too late... 
The Confusing Message 
Cyber Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Cyber Insurance...did I mention Cyber Insurance 
We need to make one thing clear, when you have clicked on the link, Cyber Insurance is an option however it is not the complete solution. We need to step back a bit to understand why, if you need to make a claim on your Cyber Insurance something Very Bad has happened...! 
Let's Consider... 
Why do you need to make a claim on your Cyber Insurance? 
Something Happened...! 
Someone did something...! 
Your business may be at risk...! 
At this stage having Cyber Insurance will indeed mitigate some of the consequences of your attack, however with GDPR coming into full effect on the 25th of May 2018, the fines you may receive may be so severe that your business may actually cease to trade. 
In Simple Terms 
You are now a person in command, a command which could be compared to the Captain of the Titanic, no matter what you do, you are going to sink...! 
Cyber Insurance is something that every business should consider and treat it as they do every other insurance:- 
You don't want to claim. 
Keep your premiums as low as possible by removing risks. 
Take precautions to protect ourselves from claiming. 
How do we achieve it... 
Really is like following a recipe, as a minimum we need to follow a few simple steps to provide ourselves with as much protection as possible:- 
Update and patch everything. 
Install layered security. 
Manage all of your data effectively. 
Train your staff to be Cyber Aware. 
Implement a solid Business Continuity plan. 
Manage all processes ensure you document, maintain and review regularly. 
Purchase appropriate Cyber Insurance. 
Need Help..? We will design your Cyber Resilience Plan, Contact us Here 
Isn't it time you started protecting yourself...? 
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