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With more and more of us working from or stuck at home, many of us are finding it difficult and stressful to be socially trapped with Corona Virus sadly however, this can still be a scarier time. 
Social media is fun 
Unfortunately, it has a downside, Cyber Criminals are becoming creative by posting elaborate and ever clever posts to gain personal information from us, to ultimately use in a scam to either steal from us now or later. 
Competitions, polls & posts that ask personal details can be manipulated. Every time we respond to such posts, we are sharing personal and sensitive information that can be manipulated by Cyber Criminals to understand more about you: - 
The things you like. 
The things you don’t like. 
Where you live. 
Where you work. 
The places you have been. 
The places you would like to go. etc 
Now the smart among us will say that their privacy settings will stop that being shared, however what if the post you responded to has been created by Cyber Criminals for this exact purpose, this is called Social Engineering. 
We have already discussed that this is a very trying time for us, sadly Cyber Criminals have very few scruples and have been targeting people that are already stressed about Corona Virus & Self Isolation, something that make things even worse for us. 
Our advice…. 
Think before you post and if you wouldn’t wander into the street and shout something out loud then don’t… 
At JCBcs we want you to Stay Cyber Safe & Stay Cyber Well helping to ensure your optimum protection from Cyber Crime. 
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