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AKA, Suddenly nothing works...What do you do...? 

Never has it been so important to have a plan…A Business Continuity Plan...! 
"A plan, so that is if the worst happens you can recover your business as quickly as possible.  
Recently a number of organisations have suffered very high profile catastrophic service interruptions, unfortunately with no apparent, easily identifiable Business Continuity planning." 
Let’s be clear 
Whether you are a new business, old business, commercial, government or charity, all organisations rely on data to function, loss of data or the systems that contain the data will be detrimental to “Business as Usual” and your "Day to Day" operations. 
The Confusion 
We see two clearly defined misunderstandings in relation to being prepared for an incident. 
It will never happen to me! 
I don’t need a Business Continuity plan! 
The Reality 
There are many things that may require the inception of a Business Continuity plan:- 
System Failure 
Cyber Crime 
User error 
Natural Disaster 
We can never predict:-  
If an incident will occur 
Whether an incident will occur 
When an incident will occur 
However should it happen you need to have a plan, otherwise the consequences can be extreme to your livelihood and even more extreme in the future with the enforcement of GDPR on the 25th of May 2018 with possible associated fines. 
As business owners you need to have a Business Continuity plan, this will ensure after a disaster your business can survive, your plan should detail:- 
What to do should the unexpected happen. 
Understand how you recover your business. 

Do you Know which way to turn...? 

Need a plan?  
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