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We all have Stuff , our stuff is any personal or private information held by companies about us in order for us to interact with them. e.g. Bank, Online retailer, Supermarket, restaurant, insurance company etc. 
Cyber Criminal 
As a Cyber Criminal I want to get hold of your details, I will then use your details to either gain from you directly or by pretending to be you and then subsequently steal from companies on your behalf. 
As a cyber-criminal I could use Fear to scare you into reacting to my email, phone call or conversation etc by telling you that if you don't act soon something really bad will happen. 
As a Cyber Criminal I could also use Greed to promise you something which is fictitious to get you to interact with me by entering your details, clicking on a link or sending me money. 
As an individual, group or business it is important to Understand that we need to take responsibility for our own data, after all it relates to us, our family or our business and we should not gift wrap for easy access. 
We must Protect ourselves by taking appropriate steps from cyber criminals to avoid a scam or incident that could be very costly to us. 
By Training we can take control giving ourselves the ability to spot the scam email, dangerous website, suspicious phone call or SMS message etc. By utilising suitable training we can minimise our vulnerability to be compromised. 
Awareness is our last line of defence, we need to ensure that we don’t become complacent, by understanding that we must take steps to minimise our exposure by reducing our attack surface. 
At JCBCS we specialise 
In helping you to understand you. 
In helping you to understand your data. 
In helping you to protect yourself  
In helping you to protect your business. 
Contact us to allow us to help you 
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