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Will your cloud have a silver lining? 
As with the real thing, the only clouds we really want to experience are the lovely white fluffy ones, in reality however, whether your cloud will have a silver lining will depend on many things… 
What is the cloud...? 
We could be forgiven for thinking that the cloud is a collection of fluffy things that convey your data from your business, your data then rises to celestial levels of the stratosphere, this is however far from the reality. 
What is important to know about the cloud...! 
There is no one cloud that everyone uses. 
The cloud you use is simply someone else’s business, within their premises they have many computers that will hold your data. 
Not all clouds are the same, the services you receive will depend on what each of the cloud business will offer you for the fee they charge. 
Their protection of you data may not be as good as you think. 
Your data is important, therefore pick your cloud business wisely
Why should I use a cloud...! 
As part of a successful business it is very important to have a solid Business Continuity plan, to create such a plan for any business it is very important to have a sound understanding of the following: - 
What data is important to your business? 
Where is your important business data located? 
Who has access to your important business data. 
Choosing the right cloud…! 
The golden rule when picking your cloud supplier is to ensure that your solution is value for money, picking the cheapest is not necessarily a good idea: - 
Would you allow just anybody to babysit for you? 
Would you trust your money in any bank? 
Would you eat in any restaurant? 
Of course the answer to all these questions is no, you would have to have faith in the person or place providing this service, this will ensure they would actually deliver the right results to you: - 
A happy Child. 
A substantial return on investment. 
An enjoyable rewarding meal. 
The important question is that when picking a cloud supplier why do may people chose theirs on the price not the value for money, in order to protect your business, it is important to appraise the supplier and by selecting a suitable one it shows you actually value your own business. 
What should your cloud be…? 
Your cloud should as a minimum meet the following criteria 
Secure, all data should be encrypted in transit and at rest. 
Easy to manage and take minimum effort to do so. 
Be a help not a hindrance as part of your business continuity planning. 
Your data should be easy to recover should an issue occur. 
Provided by a supplier who can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining and enhancing their cloud. 
Avoid the storm...! 
choose your cloud from a supplier who cares as much about your data as you do, who can easily demonstrate the investment they have in their own cloud. 
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