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Mental Health Is Serious 
Recently we seem to have had a massive influx of companies/individuals talking about mental health, which is a wonderful thing, however when we get to the crux of their motivation, the reason for their discussion may be less beneficial :- 
Been seen to be doing the right thing. 
Their competition is discussing mental health. 
This is a confusing message, our mental health is critical to our well being and having people discuss in a less than productive manner is far from helpful, which can tend to isolate and frustrate those who may be suffering and also those trying to help. 
To truly help we need to understand how those suffering from mental health live their lives, utilising adaptive personalities depending on their environments, like wearing a mask for each occasion. 
Wearing a mask 
For many who are suffering from mental health issues their mask will exist with a public and a private persona. 
The Public Persona 
When in public, sufferers will normally be the life and soul of the party always enquiring about their friends wellbeing, being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, being seen as caring and considerate by their family & friends. 
The Private Persona 
In private for most sufferers of mental health issues they are laden with pain, anguish and sadness, their ability to rationalise and see a way out from their despondency is clouded, which could turn them to self-hate, self-harm, self-loathing, planning and convincing themselves that the world will be a better place without them. 
In most cases not even their closest friends, family, or partners will have any idea of just how low they find themselves. 
The Help is Limited 
Its not that there isn’t help out there, the problem is that all the amazing organisations are under such pressure and for those many organisations that are self-funding, their resources are limited and are unable to help as many people as they would like. 
Unfortunately that may mean that your loved one may have difficulty in obtaining the crucial help they need which could and does in many situations lead to such truly heart-breaking and devastating consequences. 
You can really help 
As previously mentioned there are many organisation that need help to be able to assist those suffering from Mental Health issues. 
It is very important to say that this help doesn’t necessarily need to be financial which would of course always be welcome, it could be:- 
Assistance with training for their staff. 
Helping with a GDPR/Cyber Compliance Journey. 
Donating your time to help with IT, Finance, Administration, Marketing or Fund Raising. 
Any support that you can offer to help these wonderful mental health organisations will be greatly received. Especially when we consider that all organisations are required to follow compliance/legislation and money spent on professional services doing so can be time consuming/costly and remove money that could be used to help those who may be struggling. 
However as my wonderful Grandmother said:- 
“A truly charitable gesture does not need anything other than the warmth of knowing that you have helped someone who needed it…! 
A change makes a positive future 
My hope is that you can help to make a change and help reduce the delay to those who really need Help with their mental health. Why not contact some of the wonderful organisations that exist in your area and simply ask:- 
How can I help? 
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