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As an IT professional, When I hear the following statement, which I do far too often, it saddens me... 
"It doesn't matter, it's only a cheap computer...!"  
The reason this saddens me is really quite simple, this statement implies that as the computer we own is cheap, the normal security considerations to protect ourselves from Cyber Crime and Criminals don't apply.  
This is a really a foolish thing to do, especially when we consider that the threats to us all from Cyber Crime increase daily. 
Consider for one Moment  
Does the cost of our car, stop us from needing any of the following:- 
A fuel source to get from A to B. 
Tyres for our wheels.  
An Insurance policy. 
A valid driving license. 
Seat belts for safety. 
This is of course is a ridiculous thing to suggest, as without any of these, we at the very least risk a stern discussion (probably fine and points) from our local police force. 
The Simple Advice 
Ignore the purchase price of your computer. 
Install suitable layered security to protect from Cyber Criminals. 
Attend Cyber Awareness Training. 
Reduce your Cyber Footprint. 
And Remember... 
Cyber Criminals have no idea how much you spent buying your computer, they will however know when you have made no effort to protect it...Can you afford the risk...! 
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