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The Mistake 
We have an assumption that the location where we use our technology will make us safe when we use social media, send emails or search the internet… 
Let's Demonstrate The Setting 
It’s a dark night outside, it could be snowing or raining, we are in our home cosy and happy with people we love to share time with.. 
We may be watching the latest reality TV show, a fire burning, candles flickering and enjoying our favourite takeaway with an appropriate beverage. 
We may be having discussions, that person should be voted out or why that person wasn’t put through to the next round… 
Our Point 
In the environment we discussed above, which could equally be a party or wedding, emotionally we are happy and this contentment will lower our defences which could make us do things we shouldn’t or normally wouldn't :- 
Respond to posts 
Click on links 
Share personal details 
Sign up to things 
Speak to Cyber Criminals 
The Problem 
The use of technology in our everyday lives has been growing and will continue to do so as we make more and more use of the latest tech, the problem is that Cyber Criminals know and actively use social media platforms and the internet to steal from us using :- 
Unsafe websites 
Fake competitions 
Social engineering 
Spam emails 
The important point is to be safe, you have to be able to spot Fact from Fiction, we recommend  
Our Cyber Awareness Training 
There is a cost to our training, however the real cost will happen by not attending a session and becoming a victim of Cyber Crime. 
The choice is yours we don’t think that is a risk you should take… 
The real question is do you? 
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