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Doesn’t it seem strange… 
We have always found it very peculiar that when someone calls you, like your bank, they expect to be able to ask us to answer sensitive questions to clear their security checks, surely that is just silly!!!! 
So what’s the problem…. 
We receive a random call from someone saying they are from our bank and before they will speak to us we have to answer their security questions to allow them to open our account.. 
Let’s think for a moment…. 
We know who we are, they called us. 
We have no idea who they really are. 
Bogus calling Scams are increasing. 
How do we know who they are really. 
What’s the worse that can happen… 
Sadly the consequences could be huge, as we have previously mentioned Bogus calling scams such as this are on the rise and Cyber Criminals have an awful lot of tools at their disposal to be able to confuse and lull us into a false sense of security to be able to steal from us. 
Common scams that you need to be aware of may include the following:- 
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Why might we talk to them… 
We all lead busy lives and we have been conditioned by the sensationalism of social media/news feeds/TV to react to anything that is slightly out of the normal.  
We are now predisposed to react to things that may :- 
Scare us that something is dangerously wrong – Our bank account has been compromised. 
Special offers with a reward that is often too good – You have won this amazing prize. 
Cyber Criminals play the game… 
The ingenuity of Cyber Criminals is unbelievable, the skill used to manipulate and obtain our personal details, scam and then sadly steal from us can be considered an extremely organised operation. 
Whilst we are fully aware it is very necessary for banks to confirm that they are speaking to the right person and safeguard our personal information with appropriate technical and organisational measures for GDPR, there does need to be consideration to allow to be confident that it is our bank calling. 
Our Solution, is simple… 
Introduce a telephone password, A Telephone password would be added to our account, this simple password will allow us to confirm that the person calling us is actually from the organisation they say they are and not a scammer… 
How would it work? 
Your bank calls. 
You ask them to state your telephone password listed on your account. 
They Know your password - You talk to them. 
They don’t know your password – You simply hang up. 
You can now complete your bank security questions with confidence. 
The simplicity of this process will give us confidence that we are speaking to our bank, maintain our account integrity as it’s completely separate from the banks own account security protocols. 
Important Note 
We must make sure that we protect our telephone password and keep it safe by maintaining appropriate security measures. 
In Conclusion… 
As we have suggested with our solution for minimizing Telephone Cyber Crime, understanding the threats and being able to protect ourselves from Cyber Crime doesn't need to or shouldn't be complicated. 
JCBcs specialise in making it simple and straightforward for you to protect yourselves from Cyber Crime whilst following a safe and secure Compliance journey, allowing you to understand:- 
What data you have. 
Where your data is stored. 
Who has access to your data 
How to protect your data. 
To find out how JCBcs can help you with your Cyber Security  
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