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Your Business is in Crisis and you may not even know it yet.. 
The Crisis that is affecting your business is Cyber Crime, the cause of this Crisis may actually be you! 
As Cyber Crime continues to grow, many business owners, have not yet understood that to defend themselves from Cyber Criminals you must change the way you manage your data and IT environment, as a business owner you can no longer wait for the event to occur and then mop up the mess. 
To protect your business from Cyber Crime you must adopt proactive tactics to minimise the impact….So as a business owner why don’t we actually do it (please pick from below) 
I don’t have time 
It will never happen to me 
My IT team says I have nothing to worry about 
I have nothing worth stealing 
I will be covered by my business insurance 
It costs too much 
The reality is that there are two types of people in business 
Those that have been affected by Cyber Crime and those that will soon be affected by Cyber Crime
Now the simple facts… 
The coffee and sandwich you buy each day far exceed the daily costs of protection per business employee. Come and have a coffee with us (or tea) at our Cyber Awareness Workshop on the 22th of February 2017 @Crumlin Road Gaol 
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