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How Valuable is GDPR Certification? 
Running a business is difficult enough and understanding GDPR can be confusing without having to consider how to choose the right option to gain GDPR certification. 
How can you choose? 
Before considering a certification option the first question that needs to answered is this:- 
What is GDPR and how will it affect our business? 
Now the bombshell…!Realistically there is no certification for GDPR that is worth considering, as we have discussed in a previous blog post Can you be GDPR Compliant, the most important point is this:- 
"You do not become GDPR compliant you are being GDPR compliant!" 
Being is Important? 
Data Protection has been an important concept for many years and with the recent enforcement of GDPR on the 25th of May 2018, a regulation that has been written into EU law and introduced in the European Union. 
Compliance is a journey, we cannot become compliant all of our actions allow us to state that we are being compliant. 
Why isn’t Certification an option? 
There are 2 main reason why certification is not a suitable option:- 
GDPR is a regulation which in the UK, the supervisory body is the ICO (information Commissioners Office). The ICO has no plans to accredit certification bodies or carry out certification at this time, although the GDPR does allow this and therefore currently there are no approved certification schemes or accredited certification bodies for issuing GDPR certificates. 
By attending a GDPR certified course you will obtain a certificate, however as there is currently no mandate from the ICO for the accreditation of the course attended, the provider is offering very little additional value in their training other than a pretty certificate. 
The Alternative! 
It is imperative that all businesses follow a GDPR compliance journey, GDPR will ensure:- 
We implement best practises. 
Identify efficiencies. 
Afford competitive advantage. 
Your business is as individual as you are, your GDPR compliance Journey will be equally as individual, we would advise:- 
Starting at the Beginning. 
Involving all your Staff. 
Identify your data and how it flows through your business. 
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