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And Then They Strike... 
In those situations when we have no time, we put ourselves under undue stress, normally as we have to be somewhere else, doing something we would rather be doing than being at work...... 
The story could go a little like this... 
It’s Friday afternoon and you are “UNDER PRESSURE”, waiting for the “HAMMER TO FALL” thinking “I WANT TO BREAK FREE” on “THE SEVEN SEA’S OF RHYE”, with the “LOVE OF MY LIFE” for the weekend. 
An email arrives from the boss to transfer £70K, you think “I‘M GOING SLIGHLY MAD”, then you convince yourself it's genuine and not from a “FLASH GORDON”. 
You rush, transferring the money screaming “DON’T STOP ME NOW”, your “ONE VISION” to leave the office as you “SPREAD YOUR WINGS” making a “BREAKTHRU” you leave “DEAD ON TIME”. 
On Monday morning, unaware the of the strange “KIND OF MAGIC” that has happened over the weekend and discover the transfer of money wasn't real, you want to be the “INVISIBLE MAN” and the “INNUENDO” from colleagues is making you feel “STONE COLD CRAZY”. 
The office has gone “RADIO GA GA” the boss has turned into a “KILLER QUEEN”, the realisation that Cyber Criminals have struck and have stolen the 70K sadly confirming “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST”. 
Eventually your boss calms down, smiles at you saying “WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER”, we must avoid another “BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY”. “WE WILL ROCK YOU” in the future protecting ourselves from Cyber Criminals, we will run “HEADLONG” into the challenge and we will continue with our “GOOD COMPANY” “IN THIS WORLD WE CREATED”. 
You are convinced you will be fired, It's “THE MIRACLE” you didn't expect as she smiles saying please “DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD” after all “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY” and “THE SHOW MUST GO ON”. 
You must “PLAY THE GAME” to protect yourselves from Cyber Crime, we are the “PRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE” that can help you do it… 
The above obviously represents a light hearted way for a lifelong Queen fan, to indicate just how easy it is for Cyber Criminals to catch us off guard and without us really knowing what has happened...STEAL FROM US..! 
If you would like to know how to spot the danger signs... 
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