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Over the last few years the use of social media has increased beyond all expectations, its ability to help us function could be considered by many as invaluable. 
In the good old days it was a lot easier to determine that people were who they said they were, and more importantly what they were trying to sell us what a genuine product or service. 
The growth of the internet and social media has allowed Cyber Criminals to blend in, by blending in they can easily hide their real intent, which is actually to steal from us. 
At this time of year many of us will be looking for our summer holiday and Cyber Criminals know this, so it will not be uncommon to find a Business Facebook site or a post that will offer:- 
Amazing prices 
Amazing destinations 
Amazing competitions 
All of which are too good to be true, simply because they are, like the competition below :- 
It's Not time to Give up just yet,Honestly...! 
Remember this 
As a Cyber Criminal, I will tell you just enough to allow me to get you to part with your hard earned cash:- 
Just enough information about what I want to pretend to sell you. 
Just enough contact information so we can communicate. 
Just enough confidence that what I am trying to sell you is real. 
Just enough so when I have your money, I disappear. 
Facebook do Help 
Facebook can help, we just need to allow them to do so, they will help any legitimate business by verifying their business Facebook page. 
Below is our Business Facebook Page JCB Consulting Services Ltd and you will see by our name that we have a little tick, this tick is only added to a business page when Facebook are happy that you are really who you say you are and you have been verified.  
To become verified by Facebook is not complicated, it can however take a little time to achieve, as you are afterall having to prove to Facebook you are real business, something that any genuine business will be more than happy to do, as we were. 
The Verified Benefits 
The company is genuine, Facebook say so. 
The products or services sold are going to be real. 
The contact details listed will allow you to contact the company. 
As a verified page you will show up higher in search results to attract more visitors. 
Final Points 
Whether using social media or other parts of the internet, you need to be sure that the business that you are contacting is real and the product and services are genuine, follow these simple steps:- 
Look for real contact details not just an email address. 
Never pay for anything by Bank Transfer. 
Always pay securely preferably credit card. 
Please Remember 
"As a Cyber Criminal, I will steal from you by pretending to be real, don't get caught" 
This article is only a small part of our "Stay Safe Online Training" 
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