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You may pay for your IT, however is it Value for money...? 
The recent increase of Cyber Crime means that your businesses IT must be resilient and have solid foundations to ensure it protects you, your data and your business from Cyber Crime. 
Do you think your IT is safe...? 
Well I would assume that you would say….Yes, correct...? 
So why would I say that your next statement is going to be... 
“we have someone that does that for us” 
I wonder, have you ever thought about what the “THAT” they actually do for you is? 
The Reason 
The vast majority of IT companies see you as recurring revenue, this is immaterial of whether they are Good or Bad at offering their services to you!  
There are 4 main recurring revenue streams that want to sign you up to… 
Backup or Cloud Backup. 
Email Service. 
Security Software. 
The question is how many of these services do you subscribe to, are you sure they are value for money for your business? 
Who is the Customer..? 
This may seem like a very silly question however I think some of the less professional IT companies actually forget that YOU are the customer and deserve to be treated as such. 
We have had conversations with many companies recently saying that they only hear from their IT company when they want to sell a new service or an invoice needs paying. 
In a lot of situations the solutions that you may be sold are made to sound more complicated than they need to be, so you as the customer can be confused into submission and purchase without really understanding what they will do for you or if you really need them. 
Ask Yourself these questions...! 
When did you last hear from you IT company? 
Do they call you regularly to see how things are? 
If you ask a question do you understand the answer? 
When you receive an invoice do you know what you are paying for? 
Do you know what the IT you have does? 
Are you confident that your IT will protect you from a Cyber Breach? 
Consider this...! 
If you gave poor customer service, would your customers stay with your company and still do business with you, probably not! 
What is our point...? 
We started this article talking about the increase of Cyber Crime, the impact of Cyber Crime has many consequences which could impact your business including:- 
Losing money. 
Loss of your reputation. 
Becoming a statistic. 
Loss of your livelihood. 
The Hard question...? 
After a Cyber Attack how many of the above consequences will affect your IT provider? 
The answer - None of the above. 
Remember you are the Customer…! 
As the customer, I hope you now think it is a good idea for you to understand more about the IT you have and make the company who provide your services more accountable to you. 
As a minimum you need to understand the following:- 
What you pay for! 
Why you need it! 
What it does! 
Will I be protected from a Cyber Attack! 
You are the business that will be affected by any Cyber Attack not your IT provider, they get to charge you money to help your business to recover from any attack you may suffer. 
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