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Good Data Protects Reputations (GDPR) 

Since the enforcement of GDPR on the 25th of May 2018, sadly very few have realised what a positive step following a GDPR/Cyber journey of compliance can be for their business and unfortunately the complacency and confusion has increased. 
We still hear complaints from many that GDPR is:- 
Another set of rules that we do not need. 
Will cost a lot of money. 
Will require unbelievable effort to achieve. 
For any business to adopt and implement GDPR the benefits are beyond comprehension allowing any business to build their reputation, trust and gain competitive advantage. Every business relies on these 3 important components:- 
Your Business 
Your Customers 
Your Employees 
(As the diagram above illustrates each of these element requires the others to exist) 
Your business needs customers to thrive. 
As you receive more customers your business requires more employees. 
Without customers your business will not need your employees. 
Your Business 
Despite what many think GDPR is simply asking us to implement best practices and asking us as organisations to :- 
Protect the data we hold. 
Maintain our data. 
Ensure appropriate Access. 
Introduce suitable housekeeping. 
Implement "Appropriate Technical and Organisational Measures". 
In our experience understanding your business and implementing best practices has allowed our customers to gain efficiencies and reduce their costs. 
You Will Gain Competitive Advantage. 
It cannot have escaped your notice that there are very few days where we do not hear news reports of Data Breaches or Cyber Attacks and in most cases these seem to have been caused by :- 
Human error. 
Poor security. 
Lack of staff training. 
Insufficient technical and organisational measures. 
We wholly believe that customers will start to look for organisations with good track records of protecting customer data and those organisation will be able to promote that they follow an appropriate compliance program and value their customers data. 
Such promotion would allow those organisations to use their reputation to install confidence and trust in their current and future customers offering a competitive advantage, a competitive advantage that would continue while following an appropriate compliance journey. 
Your Employees 
In any organisation their employees are the most important asset, however they are also the most dangerous. 
Why? In whatever business sector we may find ourselves our employees will:- 
Speak to our customers. 
Obtain personal information from our customers. 
Manipulate our customers personal data. 
Assist our customers when they have issues. 
In very simple terms our employees are at the coal face and the only way we can follow a successful compliance journey is making sure that they are involved from the beginning on our compliance journey. 
By having our employees involved in our businesses compliance journey, which we are actually required to implement under “Appropriate Technical and Organisational Measures”, when interacting with our customers they will:- 
Install confidence. 
Provide Trust. 
Build our reputation and relationship. 
Add value to our customers experience. 
Follow a comprehensive compliance journey protecting our customers data. 
Ensure our employees feel part of the team. 
Your Customers 
Your customers are the most important yet sadly sometimes the most undervalued part of your business. It is possible within the hustle and bustle that we may forget that our customers pay our wages and without them we will cease to exist, therefore our business must:- 
Value our customers, their data with ultimate protection and integrity. 
Build confidence and trust. 
Ensure excellent interaction between our customers and our employees. 
We Must Never Forget 
We must never forget that our customers have a choice, they will be more than able to source similar products or services from our competitors, something they will be more than happy to do if for any reason they lose confidence in our business as we have followed a poor GDPR/Cyber Compliance Journey and suffered an infringement. 
A Final Word Of The Highest Importance... 
By establishing and following a compliance journey you will minimise the impact, consequences and compliance issues in relation to any data breaches that may occur from poor data management of your archived or legacy data. 
Your compliance will install confidence in your customers, build their trust, promote your reputation and gain competitive advantage. 
Your Competitive advantage will grow your business and require more employees. 
Employee engagement will promote confidence in their work, to your customers building your reputation and business. 
Our GDPR/Cyber Compliance Training will help your business to understand, develop and implement a successful compliance journey allowing your business to thrive.... 
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