GDPR, Cyber Crime and You… 
The “Great Data Evolution” is upon us, our information is out there, its online and in the cloud, we post it, we share it and tweet it. 
Our willingness to use the new technology without a real understanding of doing so has some devastating consequences, Cyber Crime, Data Breaches and Non Compliance….. 
Normality is… 
The headlines keep coming 
We hear them daily 
We know we need to change 
We promise that we will protect ourselves 
Reality however is… 
Although we are fully aware of the consequences and threats our ability to process real change is limited by our thoughts and attitudes:- 
Lack of Understanding. 
It will never happen to us. 
Fear of the unknown. 
Too busy. 
It will cost too much. 
The 25th of May 
Despite the thoughts of many the 25th of May enforced the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) allowing an opportunity for our businesses to stand out from the crowd. 
The introduction of GDPR has provided a more formalised approach to implement best practices that we should have always been doing. 
With the data revolution, GDPR and the increase in Cyber Crime our customers are becoming more aware, they are expecting that as businesses we take care of their data and failure to do so will cause damage to our reputation, our business, our bottom line and our customer confidence. 
Compliance is a Journey 
Our compliance is a journey…. 
“We cannot be GDPR compliant we are always being GDPR compliant” 
We must protect ourselves from Cyber Crime and implement policies and procedures to keep being GDPR compliant. 
Important Note 
It is very true that the consequences of our failure could be huge including the possibility of our businesses ceasing to trade however following the rules, protecting ourselves from Cyber Crime and being compliant is not difficult to implement and achieve. 
Our GDPR/Cyber Compliance Training 
We are fully aware that the process of compliance can be a little daunting and knowing where to start can be confusing. 
Our GDPR/Cyber Compliance Training will :- 
Start at the beginning. 
We ensure you understand the Good, The Bad and The Ugly of GDPR, Cyber Crime and Compliance. 
There is no death by PowerPoint. 
Every Slide is a building block for the complete story that you need to know for your “Triangle of Compliance”. 
By following our “Yellow Brick Road” you will have a clear route to your destination which is ultimately your compliance. 
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