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The world of Cyber Crime is continuing to grow, the issues that face us as individuals, employees or business owners are continuously changing, Cyber Criminals constantly update their tactics to allow them to extort information and money from us. 
We would like to introduce a new practice which will help you to reduce your Cyber Exposure, this concept is… 
H O P 
Let me explain… 
In all aspects of our life we need solid foundations, our house, our business, our family, our relationships and our careers, these foundations allow us to have a more stable future. 
The computer devices we use are no different, they need to have solid foundations to be able to protect themselves from possible Cyber Threats… 
How So? 
We have all been annoyed at one time or another when our Laptop/PC has rebooted applying updates, whist we may be annoyed by these updates they are necessary for very important reasons. 
Over the lifecycle of any product it is likely to need enhancements to make them safe and more secure, our IT equipment (hardware & Software) is no different, manufacturers will produce updates in the shape of software or firmware to make them more secure by removing the vulnerabilities. 
Closing the door will stop Cyber Criminals being able to utilise the flaw that the patch/update is designed to fix. 
Now the fun part, to ensure that you and your business are safe we recommend you always HOP:- 
H – Hardware 
O – Operating System 
P – Programs 
To minimise you exposure you must ensure that the following updates are applied regularly:- 
Hardware vendor 
Operating system manufacturer 
Program provider 
By applying these as they are released to all of your devices, you will minimise your exposure to security flaws that could allow Cyber Criminals to compromise you. 
If you don’t follow this simple process you are more likely to suffer a Cyber Attack, this will cause you to BOUNCE of the wall in despair, so our message is simple 
Always Hop to Avoid the Bounce…! 
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