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Let me be very clear Ransomware is growing, the threat to your business is Immediate...  
As a business it's time to take the threat from Ransomware seriously, the following facts make very hard reading, however failure to acknowledge them could be very costly to you and your business:- 
Ransomware is a serious business, for every pound spent, hackers make 1400 times more. 
Ransomware comes in many forms, Cryptowall made 380 million in 1 year and Cryptolocker made $28 million in 4 months 
40% of spam contains some form of malware. 
One in Seven emails contains some form of ransomware. 
For $400 a developer toolkit can be bought to develop your own form of ransomware and for that $400 they will receive lifetime support to make the threat to you continually effective. 
No platform is safe from Ransomware, Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and Smart devices are all vulnerable to attack. 
32% of Users unaffected think they will never be infected by ransomware. 
Your route to infection is your Cyber Unaware Employees
Our Message is Simple... 
As a business it's time for you to take the threat from ransomware seriously, failure to do so will result in the following :- 
You will lose money 
You will lose reputation 
You will become a statistic 
You will lose your livelihood 
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