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It cannot have escaped your notice that Black Friday will be with us again soon…one of the biggest days for internet shopping and a cyber criminals happy hunting ground. 
We all love a bargain and in striving to get one on Black Friday we may consider buying from more obscure Internet resellers, in a lot of cases these sites may be bogus where Cyber Criminals are waiting to steal from you. 
None of us want to fall victim to the Cyber Criminals, however if when we use search engines we select those with only the cheapest price we may do so, these criminals may take our money fraudulently or even worse use our details to steal more than just money from us. 
Cheap could actually be costly.. 
If an item is too cheap, it may just be too good to be true, you may lose your money and never actually receive the item, it could be counterfeit and the worst possible outcome is that when you receive it, it may actually be dangerous and cause considerable harm. 
To buy with Confidence 
• Always look for a full address and landline phone number on a website 
• Ensure the website is secure before you enter any personal details 
• Never use any other payment method than Credit Card 
Golden Rule – When in doubt do Nowt!! 
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