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At JCBcs we are passionate about your cyber safety and helping you protect yourself, your customers, their data & your business. 
Its A Time Of Global Turmoil 
Never in our lifetimes did we think that we would see something so devastating on a global scale out of war time such as Corona Virus. 
Our way of life is being changed on a daily basis and sadly Cyber Criminals are making it worse as demonstrated by a recent CNBC article. 
No matter the time of year, the event or the disaster Cyber Criminals specialise in being relevant, their scams will target the affected, the vulnerable and unwitting victim, without conscience or scruples for a definitive pay day. 
They don’t care if it’s Halloween, Christmas, a pandemic, a hurricane, an earthquake or any other disaster. 
Why Cyber Criminals do what they do 
Easy, because they can… 
Cyber Crime is nothing personal it is quite simply a business and Cyber Criminals will do whatever they can to grow that business. 
Your objective however is to avoid becoming one of their customers or at the very least minimise the cost of your unwilling custom. 
How Cyber Criminals do what they do 
Cyber Criminals will use 2 things to hook you as a customer, Fear or Greed. 
Fear – Their objective is to scare you into action that if you don’t act now you there will be serious consequences for example, your bank account will be frozen, your online account has been hacked or your bank account has had fraudulent activity. 
Greed – The objective is to entice you into action by offering an incentive where you will be contacted as you have won a prize or clicking here you will be entered into a draw to win. 
The threats from Cyber Criminals can come in many forms including: - 
Social Media 
Fraudulent Websites 
Instant Messaging 
You Need to avoid the Ripple Effect 
Firstly, we must understand that personal information about us is very valuable, the more that someone can learn about us the more specific and creative the scam can be. 
Every time we enter information about ourselves, we extend our Cyber Footprint making us more vulnerable, the information we enter can be in varied sources: - 
A webpage. 
Social media. 
Bank account. 
Shopping Site 
Utility company 
A new piece of software 
Third party supplier 
Our objective should be to minimise the ripples that we create which will share our personal information with too many people, companies & systems. 
What can you do to protect yourself? 
There are several very steps that you can take to protect yourself, your data & your business: - 
Don’t create accounts needlessly especially where you are unlikely to buy from them again. 
Don’t sign up for newsletters just to get discount. 
Create strong passwords and create unique passwords for each website/company you use. 
Enable 2 Factor or Multi Factor authentication where possible protecting your accounts. 
Minimise the number of different pieces of software you use, especially if they are free, as this could mean that your details are sold/shared with third parties not to mention that you are increasing your Cyber Footprint making you more vulnerable to Cyber Crime. 
Update all your software. 
Manage your social media effectively 
We Help You Reduce Your Vulnerability 
By understanding the Software/Services that you use our Cyber Security Advice is tailored to ensure optimum protection while also following GDPR Compliance. 
During this pandemic JCBcs want you to Stay Cyber Safe & Stay Cyber Well helping to ensure your optimum protection from Cyber Crime. 
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