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Cyber Crime is going no where... 
The threat to any business from Cyber Crime is increasing and we must take substantial steps to ensure we can protect ourselves.  
Cyber Crime is a very scary topic, not knowing where to turn or who we can speak to is confusing enough, that is before we even consider the technology, software, hardware and systems from specialists companies who promise that when we buy their products, they are not only the best, they will guarantee to make us safe and secure. 
However the complexity of these solutions, learning to use them, monitoring them and ensuring they are updated may prove so complicated to most businesses, that we may actually be less protected. 
Consider for one moment - A secure building 
A secure building is only a secure building when :- 
The security guards protect it 
The alarms are switched on 
The cameras are working 
Secure monitored access to the building is maintained 
However one of our employees accidentally :- 
Gives all the security guards the day off. 
Turns off all the alarms. 
Disables the cameras 
Leaves the doors open. 
Sound ridiculous?  
Not really, we regularly hear from companies where a staff member clicked on a link, visited a website or downloaded a file, that then broke the companies computer systems. 
Quite simply, we as humans are the weakest link, we need to get Back to Basics...  
As employers we must train our staff and stop expecting that they know what to do to avoid a Cyber incident, we need to help our staff become Cyber Aware so they can :- 
Understand the threats. 
Know what to look for. 
Learn the tips to avoid the threats. 
Eliminate their fear. 
Reduce our Cyber Footprint 
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