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The Moral of the Story... 
It was clear to Cyber Bot, that the story has provoked many thoughts and questions in his son, in smiling and telling his son it was time to go to sleep… 
Cyber Bot Baby yawned and then asked "so what should a business do daddy to be able to protect themselves from Cyber Crime…" 
His father thought and then emphasised... 
You must remember son, Cyber Wolf is everywhere and sensible business owners should want to protect themselves, otherwise the cost to their business could include loss of reputation, loss of revenue, fines and the worst of these consequences could actually be their business ceasing to trade. 
His father continued... 
Any business owner should at a minimum do the following:- 
Update everything regularly, the hardware, operating systems and software 
Identify all critical data, ensure generationally back ups. 
Ensure that employees only have access to systems and data they actually need. 
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