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Mr BricksnMortar... 
As a successful business owner Mr BricksnMortar had learnt very early that making money was only part of owning a successful business. It was imperative that as a business owner you safeguarded yourself from Cyber threats by ensuring that all your systems, both procedural and electronic were managed securely and effectively. 
Mr BricksnMortar was also fully aware that to be able to implement such a business model, would require an investment in both time and money, something he was happy to do as he valued his business, his security, his reputation and especially his customers. 
So why was Mr BricksnMortar different? 
Mr BricksnMortar made his technology decisions ensuring that all technology would help him operate his business and be able to be maintained to ensure optimum protection. 
He liked to buy new technology at the same time, so he would ensure that he bought new computers together, making it easier to update and protect them, it also made them easier to support as he was able to have his IT team manage the maintenance periodically minimising any possible downtime. 
He was also fully aware that in the new world of Cyber Crime, no one piece of security software would suffice, so ensured that he had two which gave him the most protection. 
Mr BricksnMortar was a good boss, he did however expect that his staff worked in the office and therefore had a strict social media policy, this policy restricted the use of any company equipment for social media, which was only allowed to be used for company business by approved staff. 
All company data was held centrally and also in the cloud with the highest encryption available, all of this data was backed up using generational backups, which were regularly checked for validity and integrity. 
Strong passwords were strictly enforced which were regularly changed for all employees. 
Mr BricksnMortar fully understood that his network had to be protected, as a result all Wi-Fi was encrypted and segregated, he ensured that communications were resilient and a solid firewall was in place to block any unwanted attention from the Cyber Wolf or his friends. 
Most importantly Mr BricksnMortar knew that as technology changed, which it did regularly that he had to trust in his IT team, they had to have the time and resources to ensure they were able to effectively maintain his environment. 
It would be very fair to say of all business owners Cyber Wolf didn’t like Mr BricksnMortar, he did however understand that if Mr BricksnMortar became complacent he may not be so lucky. 
Mr BricksnMortar however knew that complacency was not an option and that becoming complacent meant that he may as well email the Cyber Wolf a user name and password so he could exploit his business, something he definitely wanted to avoid. 
Cyber Bot Baby looked at his daddy and asked why all business owners didn’t manage their businesses the same way as Mr BricksnMortar did… 
His father pondered for a while, then replied… 
Well son, not all business owners understand the risks that Cyber Crime presents to their livelihood, they look at the cost of protection, rather than the consequences and extreme costs by not protecting their business. 
His father then emphasised... 
You must remember son, Cyber Wolf is everywhere and sensible business owners should want to protect themselves, otherwise the cost to their business could include loss of reputation, loss of revenue, fines and the worst of these consequences could actually be their business ceasing to trade. 
Part 5 
CyberBots Tips to avoid Cyber Wolf Coming Soon… 
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