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CyberBot has always loved telling his son CyberBabybot bedtime stories, he does however enjoy making them educational at the same time…. this story is a particular favourite… 
Once upon a time in a land not so far away (actually very near to Belfast) were 3 business owners Mr Strawbale, Mrs Sticksworth & Mr BricksnMortar, whilst all of these business owners were very successful, they had very different approaches to managing and understanding the threats that Cyber Crime could have on their businesses and ultimately their lives. 
It would in fact be fair to say that each thought they had done enough to mitigate any issues and therefore ultimately had nothing to worry about... 
Little did they know….. 
Meanwhile somewhere in the forest was Cyber Wolf, who was all knowing and exceptional at finding ways into businesses by exposing poor security, shoddy IT infrastructure and less than sensible business owners, business owners who just thought they knew best and were sure it would never happen to them. 
Cyber Wolf was looking forward to finding more victims, as he knew in most cases it wouldn’t be hard to exploit their vulnerabilities, which for most businesses was the owners:- 
Who didn’t ever consider it could possibly happen to them 
Who thought it would always happen to someone else 
Cyber Wolf’s favourite word was complacency, something that made him very happy, especially as many businesses were very complacent. 
Part 2 
Cyber Wolf and Mr Strawbale Coming Soon… 
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