As a Business – There has always been the option to wait for certain things to happen before you needed to spend money to fix them! 
As the increase in Cyber Crime continues this is no longer possible. 
Recovery from a Cyber incident can be financially and reputationally expensive and this is all after the damage has been done, damage which in most cases will be irreversible. 
The Cyber Crime Bonus 
After all the dust settles and you have recovered your business to the best of your abilities, you may then be subject to substantial fines and customer litigation. 
In simple terms if the incident didn’t close your business this may. 
92% of businesses have experienced some form of cyber breach in the last five years – either from 
Hacking for financial gain 
Hacking for political motivations 
Hacking by competitor 
86% of businesses believe they are doing enough to completely mitigate the impact of Cyber Crime – they are NOT. 
In recent years’ companies have been fined hundreds of thousands of pounds after being hacked and their customers personal & private information (PPI) data was compromised. 
You must remember as a business, you are wholly responsible for protecting the PPI of all of your customers and you must make sure that this is subject to up-to-date and effective security measures maintained on an on-going basis. 
Regardless of the size of your company, private or public sector, your organisation needs to create your own Proactive Cyber Resilience plan. 
For a free, brief telephone consultation on protecting your organisation from Cyber Crime - just Contact Us 
It’s time for change – “let’s put Cybercrime behind bars…” 
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