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Cyber Criminals make this once pleasant past time, very complicated 
On a daily basis we receive many emails that promise the world or try to scare us, pretending to be from someone we know, making Spotting the Difference between a genuine or phishing email quite difficult, all this as the Cyber Criminals expertise continues to increase in creating these emails. 
It is important to remember, both types of these emails are designed quite simply to make us click on a link to deliver something rather sinister onto our devices. 
Remember – It’s easy to spot genuine emails, they are very unlikely to ask you to click on a link within the email, so don’t do it. 
Tips to Spotting a phishing email 
Spelling mistakes 
Who is it to? ‘Dear valued customer,’ or ‘Dear user,’. 
Poor quality images 
Content of the email 
Links – not to the correct place 
Golden Rule – When in doubt do Nowt!! 
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