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Can you be GDPR Compliant? 
For many it is very clear that the concept of GDPR is :- 
A Nuisance 
A Tick Box Exercise 
A Nuisance 
We need to be very clear that GDPR is not a nuisance it is an opportunity for you, your employees and your business, an opportunity to allow you to gain competitive advantage and implement best practices that you should always have been doing to enhance your business. 
It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that today’s headlines in whatever format have more and more data breach headlines TalkTalk, Facebook, Yahoo, Heathrow Airport, Curry’s, Cathay Pacific, British Airways to name but a few, consumers are becoming more and more aware and wish for the company’s that they choose to protect their data. 
As a business GDPR gives us an opportunity, an opportunity to adopt best practices that we should have already been doing and demonstrating compliance, compliance to our customers, customers that are already subconsciously looking for compliant companies when choosing who to buy from. 
A Tick Box Exercise 
Many people and businesses have been wrongly advised that by making a few changes or updating their systems to attain a certain level then they can Tick a Box and state they are GDPR compliant. 
You do not become GDPR compliant you are being GDPR compliant! 
This very important clarification identifies that if you Tick a Box then you will be compliant only at that moment in time not in the future, which is why we have always said that your Compliance is a Journey. 
There is a new accountability principle, this specifically requires you to take responsibility for complying with the principles, and to have appropriate processes and records in place to demonstrate that you comply. 
The Answer is therefore Yes and No 
Yes – by following the rules at any moment in time you could be considered to be compliant. 
No – by not continuing to follow the rules, maintain appropriate measures, record processing activities etc then you will no longer be compliant. 
Most importantly you must remember your Compliance is a Journey! 
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