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Our World Has Changed… 
Since the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid19, many more of us are working from home, utilising software, and services to an extent we would never have thought possible a mere 4 months ago. 
Our way of life has been radically changed and sadly Cyber Criminals are making it worse as demonstrated by a recent CNBC article (by Scott Zamost). 
Software like Zoom has transformed the way that we communicate with our friends, families & colleagues. Sadly, however, it is a victim of its own success from its massive and unexpected growth and it is not a secret that Zoom has had issues with security, as detailed by this BBC Article (By Jane Wakefield - Technology reporter). 
Zoom Has Acted, So Must We 
No one has been more surprised by the growth of Zoom than Zoom themselves and they have been quick to act to address security issues as they have arisen by producing new releases with enhanced levels of protection. 
All computer companies whether hardware (e.g.,Dell, HP or Apple), operating systems (e.g.,Windows 10, iOS, Linux) & software (e.g.,Office 365, Zoom, Chrome) - will periodically produce updates, patches or security fixes to protect their products and us from manipulation from Cyber Criminals. 
However, we have to apply them to protect ourselves from infection. 
Let Us Consider This 
Q - What would be the best thing to do if you cut your finger? 
A - Apply a plaster to stop the cut from bleeding, getting infected and causing you further issues. 
In a similar way, you will need to apply a plaster to: - 
Your Computer 
Your Tablet 
Your Phone 
Windows 10 
Android device 
Basically, all technology & computer items you own 
As previously mentioned, Zoom has taken trying to fix its issues seriously and you will be notified of any updates - you will see a message like this when you use the software: 
Guess What? You must apply the update otherwise - like your finger - your tech may get infected, causing you further issues. 
While installing updates and rebooting is a pain in the proverbial, it is a necessary step to keep your tech good and healthy. 
Applying the enhancements is like applying the plaster: it will close the door and will stop Cyber Criminals being able to utilise the flaw that the patch/update is designed to fix. 
Cyber Criminals are watching these updates in order to know the weak points in your tech. If you have not updated, then Cyber Criminals can use these identified weak points to infect your tech.  
If a car manufacturer announced that the make of the car you own had a flaw in one of the doors allowing thieves to gain access into your car, wouldn't you be the first to get that fixed?  
In the same way, if a computer company announces a patch update to address a weak point in its product, you should be the first to update your tech to ensure no one can use it to attack you. 
To minimise your exposure, you must ensure that updates are applied as they are released to each of your devices. 
You will probably have read about the WannaCry virus attack that recently attacked the NHS - as detailed in this The Telegraph Article (by Matthew Field). This virus was totally avoidable, as Microsoft had produced a free patch to plug a weak point, but unfortunately this patch had not been applied and as a result, the NHS suffered a massive security breach. This goes to show that a simple matter of taking a few minutes to update and reboot really is worth the mild annoyance. 
Our Advice 
These updates are free, so the only cost here is a bit of your time.  
Don't let your tech be vulnerable. When you are notified of an update, install it and grab a coffee while it's doing its thing. Then, refuelled and reinforced, go on your merry way. 
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