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As another day begins… 
Its been a night of thoughts & turmoil, as the day breaks its time to put the mask on to meet the world and all who you will greet in your day. 
Your mask hides the real you, allowing you to give an Oscar winning performance to bury just how despondent and isolated you feel you and your life have become. 
To keep up the pretence in public situations:- 
You will always ask others how they are. 
Discuss how things now passed had gone with them. 
Cleverly deflect questions about yourself. 
Why, quite simply as you are scared that if you open up you just won’t be able to stem the fear and trepidation of how depressed you really are, after all that will show how weak you are, won’t it! 
To others you seem happy, to others you seem level headed, to others you seem like a solid pair of hands to ask for advice and indeed you are as it helps you to hide the real and lost you. 
You feel isolated, that no one can understand you or the thoughts in your head, you need support to help you to progress & get out of this never ending spiral you find yourself in. 
Sadly your belief that your only option may be an abrupt and final solution something which you see as your only solution to all of your problems and you think that no one really cares about you and will not notice you have gone let alone miss you. 
Unfortunately for many this could be the result of their failing Mental Health with no where to turn, this is something that we need to change. 
Your Mental Health is serious and in recent times there has been a lot of publicity that whilst has helped raise awareness, the actions that are required are not there. 
We need to help those that are keeping up the pretence that they are ok. 
We need to help those who feel that they are at the end of their journey. 
We need to help those feel they have nowhere to turn. 
To do this, we need to be vigilant and increase the help we give by replacing words with actions. Our Mental Health is serious and needs to be taken seriously by all and not seen by many as jumping on the bandwagon to help them make money at the expense of those who really need help. 
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