I was asked recently if I thought Cyber Crime will continue to grow? Without hesitation I said “Yes and it will continue to do so” 
Why was I so sure? I continued without a pause because we continue to accept no responsibility for our actions and think that it will never happen to us. 
We may have started our business out of choice or following a difficult situation, we did however all start a business with an idea, an idea, that we had certainty would create something that would fulfil us, make money, for us, our families and our staff. 
If things go well our company will go from strength to strength and therein lies the problem. 
I am sure that by this stage you may think that I am suffering from madness and delusion in stating that a company increasing in strength and profitability is actually a concern. 
As any business grows… 
We gain more customers. To serve the customers, we increase our staff. To manage the increase in staff we increase our infrastructure 
In every situation…the data within our organisation increases… 
Data can come in many types:- 
o Customer data, Staff data, Supplier data or Company specific data. 
Data can take many forms:- 
o Informational, Transactional or Maintained. 
Most importantly - Your data may not necessarily all be in an electronic form. 
The data contained within your organisation, isn’t your data, you are simply a guardian of the data, this is reflected particularly by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 
So why is this important? 
For any organisation GDPR determines the way in which Data should be created, managed and stored within the business. 
GDPR also determines how long data should exist and most importantly for this article when it is time to remove the data on whatever media it is stored, the data is removed securely beyond question and without compromise. 
For many years it has worried me that the care and attention in selecting the new technology for our businesses is never transferred in considering how we will dispose of the old. 
It’s only natural that we get excited to take a new computer out of box, unpack a new server to make accessing our database quicker or finally move out the filing cabinets, thus rediscovering the space they took up as all of our records have now been computerised. 
It has always been our responsibility as “Guardians” of the data within our organisation that we take as much care to ensure the proper destruction, ensuring the privacy of the data subjects are fully protected, the problem is in most cases we just want it gone as quickly as possible. 
It’s A Real Issue… 
We now see no value in the old, so if someone offers to take it off our hands and dispose of the items for us, we will normally jump at the chance, failing to fully understand the decision we may be taking. 
Your Problem… 
Despite what we may think, our responsibility doesn’t end once our old equipment, files and data leave our premises and in accepting help from someone to dispose of our equipment, we must be very sure that they work to appropriate standards with contractual obligations (Particularly crucial with GDPR). 
In Simple Terms… 
Assuming when our old equipment, Files or other media leave our premises they will be appropriately managed correctly to appropriate legal levels, whether for destruction, deletion or recycling can never be considered suitable for any business. 
In Following this very dangerous practice could expose the business to considerable fines and legal ramifications which could in the worst case mean the business in question may cease to trade. 
Now It Should Be Very Clear… 
The disposal of your legacy systems must be taken very seriously and in most cases it is not possible or plausible for us to perform these operations on our own. If we decide to outsource the function to a third party we must be able to trust them without question. 
I am sure finding the time to search for an appropriate company is the last thing you would wish to do, rest assured I have found them for you, the company I have selected is 
AMI (Asset Management Ireland). 
Why Choose AMI...? 
When choosing any provider I have one simple philosophy, which is this… 
Would I be prepared to use this service myself? 
I had recently obtained some servers that required to be recycled and I wanted to understand how AMI functioned, so I contacted their business development manager and asked to have a tour, something that Faye was only happy to organise and is very common for them offer this to any new customer. 
During my career I have seen the right way and the wrong way to perform these operations and I was very impressed with the whole organisation , their attention details included:- 
Signing in and signing out. 
Being escorted. 
Wearing a Visitor tabard allowing any employee to identify me. 
How items were tracked and processed. 
Staff are security cleared. 
Physical, Logical and Fire security including industry accreditations. 
After my visit was I happy? 
Yes I was, my servers were collected (by very courteous staff who loaded my equipment with the utmost care)and they have subsequently been processed. 
The best news is that I am currently awaiting the proceeds from their sale after they have been securely wiped “To Global Standards” and the components are being sold for a fair market value. 
Services include:- 
Document Shredding 
Equipment Recycling 
Disk Shredding 
AMI take asset disposal seriously, their attention to detail, contractual agreements, variety of services and transparent conditions allow me to draw one simple conclusion:- 
All assets processed without compromise, GDPR compliant. IT assets dependant on age/condition could be resold with proceeds being returned to you. 
No, then may we recommend – AMI 
Speak to Faye Thomas & Quote Code JCB-SRS18 
(To receive 10% of your first order T&C's will apply) 
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